Addendum to contract dated ____________________, 20_____________

Property Address: ____________________________________

Seller(s) ____________________________________

Buyers(s) ____________________________________

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the attached contract, the parties agree
as follows:


The buyer's earnest money shall be held in escrow by agent of buyer's choice. Upon
default of this agreement, seller shall retain earnest money as his sole remedy without
further resource between the parties.


In the event of of any Seller financing, the promissory Note to be executed by the Buyer
shall have no personal resource against the borrower.


In the event part of the purchase price is to be satisfied by buyer taking subject to
existing financing, buyer shall not be required to pay fees exceeding $______________
nor be required to show income or credit worthinness to the holder of said mortgage or
deed of trust. Seller expressly agrees and understands that buyer is taking the property
"subject to" such mortgage or deeds of trust, and is not expressly assuming responsibility
for the underlying loans. If the actual loan balance of said loan is less than as stated
herein, the purchase price shall be reduced to reflect the difference; If the actual loan
balance is more than as stated herein, then buyer's required cash payment shall be reduced
accordingly. Seller agrees to waives tax and insurance escrows held by said lender or its

The buyer may extent the closing date an additional THIRTY (30) days by paying the seller
$__________ in cash. Buyer reserves the right to do a final "walk through" the day of closing.


Seller shall surrender possession to the property in broom clean condition, and free of all personal
items and debris on or before ________________, 20_____. (possession date) In the event possession
is not delivered at closing, buyer shall withhold proceeds from the sale in the amount of
$______________ as security. Seller shall be liable for damages in the amount of $_______ per day
for each day the property is occupied beyond the possession date. This paragraph shall survive the
closing of title.


This agreement may be executed in counterparts and by facsimile signatures. This agreement shall
become effective as of the date of the last signature.


This agreement is subject to the final inspection and approval of the property by the buyer in writing
on or before ________________, 20_______.


Buyer shall be entitled a key and be entitled to access to show partners, lenders, inspectors and/or
contractors and/or contractors prior to closing. Buyer may place an appropriate sign on the property
prior to closing for prospective tenants and/or assigns.

_____________________________ _________________________
Seller Date

_____________________________ __________________________
Buyer Date




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